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Over the holidays I kept updating my! pages and have decided that I will trial just using those and my Twitter Account to share links and interesting snippets about education.

I would be very interested in your feedback as to whether you prefer the blog or whether you enjoy the! links better.  They are essentially the same, but more visual and organised into topics.

The Advantage of the Scoopit! pages is that I update them everyday so there is always something new to find out.

I have a free account and can have five topic pages and here they are if you would like to bookmark them:





Somewhat Quirky – this is the page I put the unusual stuff on that doesn’t seem to fit elsewhere.

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Tantalising Tuesday Topics

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A long weekend and an earache have caused delays this week.  Apologies.


This website, “Greater Good”  from Berkeley University in California might be a good one to keep up with as its core themes of gratitude, altruism, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, happiness and mindfulness fit in well with many of our school’s aims.  It’s a wonderful site full of information and the tab on Education is well worth a look with many great ideas to perhaps try in your classrooms.

 Greater good


Scrible is a free online tool for saving, organizing, annotating, and sharing websites for online research projects and web quests.  Looks like an interesting app to download and it’s free.  Some of the students may find this useful for helping with project and assignment work.

A neat looking iPAD app called “Explain Everything“.  Good value at $2.99 and might be a good solution for some.

TileMill also looks a great download for those cartographers amongst us with many layers and features.

Ten creative ways to use Google Tools.

Comic Master might interest your students or yourself in the world of cartooning.  Ready made templates, characters and backgrounds make it fun to create and publish your own comic.

This is a wonderful  blog post on the Edudemic site from Jeff Dunn looking at motivation in education.  It provides a wonderful visual that is fully hyperlinked and starts from the middle working outwards.  This is V3 only just published so if you think you’ve seen it before, you haven’t quite.











Ever wondered why it’s easier to remember a face than a name?  Let Science Friday enlighten you.

This is a neat chart of critical thinking skills.  Might be good to display in a classroom.

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Tantalising Tuesday Topics

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Another week has passed us by.  A question for you to ponder please.  Would you like me to add curriculum links to this blog in the sidebar?  Just leave a comment below this post or email me with comments.

Wonderful, wonderful You tube  clip about Chicago kids and digital media.

Amazing blog.  How to use Google Docs for Research.  I know Daena posted this in an email but I’m just adding it here for quick reference.

This might be a good Android alternative to the Apple IOS compatibility issue in schools???  Unsure of Australian availability.

Those of us who love Evernote will like this updated list of tools to use with it.

Integrating technology into the classroom

This makes for interesting reading as to what teens actually share on social media.

Even digital natives need to learn respect and responsibility.

Great chart explaining the difference between projects and project-based learning.

 An interesting take on being a life-long learner.  How many careers have you or will you have?

And with assessments looming everywhere, I hope you get a laugh from this week’s Brainy Quote.  

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Tantalising Tuesday Topics

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First up I’d like to share this revamped Library Chat Blog and also our sister site, Emmaus Reads Blog.  Your feedback on either or both is welcome.

I have put up a range of new books for Main St and Yaamba campuses.  Teachers,  if you are looking for awesome books with teaching notes, the following and featured books on the Emmaus Reads Blog are now available to borrow:


Scarlet in the Snow/Sophie Masson

Song of the Slums/Richard Harland

The Watcher in the Shadows/Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Freedom Merchants/Sherryl Jordan

The Wall/William Sutcliffe

Butter/Erin Lange


Steal my Sunshine/Emily Gale

Ghostheart/Ananda Braxton-Smith

Cry Blue Murder/Kim Kane and Marion Roberts

Please share the Emmaus Reads site with your students and encourage them to add their reviews or email them to me and I can add them on their behalf.  I think it has a much cleaner look now and is easier to read.


Rita Pierson giving a truly inspiring and witty Ted Talk about the need for relationships with students if we want them to engage in learning.

Learning is not enough.  The behaviour framework.  Interesting article and embedded video clip about encouraging children from the age of four or five to be:  Innovative, Resilient, Self-determined, Integrated among and Integrated within, Perceptive and Inquisitive.  This article talks about these behaviours carrying on through life and into workplaces.

23 things every teacher should be able to do with an iPAD.  Useful little post for anyone new to iPADS or some of the rest of us too.

Use Shared Google Drive Folders to Distribute Folders to students.

How to promote creativity if you are not creative yourself.

Guest article in the NY Times about web identity and social media.  Quite interesting reading.  One commentator is of the opinion that when graduating all students should be able to be “Googled” well and in a good light rather than the opposite.  This article makes sobering reading.

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Tantalising Tuesday weblinks

Hello all and apologies for the lateness of weblinks this term,

Interesting article about one school deciding on best use of technologies available.

Some great question charts for teachers regarding technology.

iPAD art Room

Ever wanted to collect everything you find interesting on the web in one place so it’s easy to find.  Here are 55 Content Curation tools to consider.

How to create social media guidelines for a school.

Fantastic site for all writers out there:

From the same Booktrust site comes this wonderful entry about book snobs.  Love it!

Quantum Physics on the iPAD

What America and the rest of the world really need to take on board about Finland’s school success.

Amazing Science Online

Gorgeous animation about the “creative smarts” in all of us.

National Geographic Brain Games and more

Quizdini looks like a great idea for online quizzes with a difference.

Are teachers too isolated in their profession?

Hints for teaching or taking an online course of study.

Pic Collage – a simple app for creating picture collages on the iPAD.

IPAD apps to support reading and writing.

Google Docs extension for esl or struggling readers.

Easy Web Content presenter.

A cautionary tale perhaps for those who like to joke on Twitter!

Got an iPAD and wish you had a manual?  This is quite useful.

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Marvellous Monday Morsels

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The last Monday Morsels for Term 1 has arrived!

Back up your files before Easter!  Especially your home ones.

An interesting take on what teens are into now via social networking.

Digital research is an double-edged sword

Inquiry learning. 

Art Resources

Art fun.

Cloud authoring.  This may be of use to you personally, rather than in the whole school context, and some of these may even be useful for senior students going off to tertiary study next year.

Sharing your iPAD stuff.

Some great practical ways to use Evernote.

Some maths stuff for the nerds out there.

Main findings of a U.S. report done on Teens, Technology and Human Potential in 2020.  You can download the entire report in a pdf if you would like to read more.


Of course, this is one website you will all have bookmarked already – 

Living Faith.

Australian Catholics

National Catholic Education Commission

Catholic Universe

This is a link to a wonderful resource of religious artworks around the Easter theme.

And this week’s Brainy Quote

Cheers and have a wonderful Easter break – come back ready to face a new term and new challenges!


Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks

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Monday Morsels has regressed this week and become Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks again.

Google Apps for Administrators

Leadership qualities – how close are you?


Image Quiz is a new Beta tool that allows you to create image quizzes for your students.

Here’s a way to record Skype, Google Hangouts and Webinars.  Of course you would take copyright into account if doing this.

How to get organised using Gqueues.

This looks like a neat tool to use in the classroom to synchronise your presentations.


Here’s a great share of websites for science lovers.  Some great links here.

Great little YouTube clip from a Doctor interested in increasing the health of everyone.  Great message!

What most schools don’t teach – computer programming or coding. 

 The next four links all talk about technology and how it’s helping and hindering each generation differently.  Some very interesting reading here.

Great little article in the Scientific American guest  blog about the differences between “Digital Natives” or kids born into the digital age versus most mature age teachers who have come from a different starting point and therefore view new technology through a different lens.

Fantastic Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle, a psychologist, talking about the pitfalls of always connecting to a device, rather than another human.  Plus implications for our children who are born into a world of short grabs of texting, Facebooking etc. and can sometimes have difficulty dealing with solitude as they see it as a problem.  Thought provoking stuff indeed!

All this technology is great and we all love being “wired” to the web, but when it all gets too much you need to declutter the information tsunami and here are a few tips to do just that.

Ever get the feeling you are overdosing on the social media a bit too much?  Here’s a guide to detecting the level of your addiction.  



Really useful to use as a reflection tool.  There’s a couple of things in here I need to brush up on myself and I don’t have a class.  See how many of the 36 things on the list you are competent with using.

Great little site to help you evaluate the worth of an App for your classroom.

Those of you with small children and an iPAD will love this  trick to keep your children within the app and not lose your other precious apps .

Apps for students with special needs and learning difficulties.

What can I do with one iPAD in the classroom?  This post will give you some ideas.

Thought for the week from an old Afghan proverb:  

 If you think you’re leading, and no one’s following, you’re just going for a walk.”

Cheers and hope you have a good week.


Marvellous Monday Morsels

Hi all,

After yesterday, I’m thinking maybe just Marvellous Morsels might be a better name for these entries and I should forget about specifying a day in the title.  That then gives me an out when best laid plans go awry and I don’t quite meet my own deadline.

Anyway, on with this week’s crop.  I must admit there does seem to be more reading and less of the Apps and tools stuff this week, but maybe with this continuing rain, you might have time to sit at home and read a few articles whilst enjoying a cup/glass of your favourite beverage.  Whilst chilling out, you might also like to leave a comment in the section below.

Great article on plagiarism

An interesting summary of some recent research in how we learn and some of the proven techniques that may help you and your students. 

This Langwitches Blog is often a good, thought-provoking read.

Seven media savvy skills useful for all parents.

Really interesting article based on research into confusion being a good aid to learning.  Works for me as I’m often confused, but good to know the research backs me up. 

A simple, but effective way of demonstrating how effective teachers use technology.

Really interesting read about how synchronous and asynchronous meetings can work to your advantage.

IBM computer geeks have been working on the 5 senses and integrating them into computers.  This is a series of 5 video clips talking about how our lives will change in 5 years.

Ian Jukes answering some FAQ’s he has been asked during presentations about digital youth.

This comes from a primary teaching blog but is equally relevant to our setting and has some good points to make or reinforce.

Using the internet and social media to enhance social-emotional learning.


Every meteorite fall on earth mapped and tabulated.  Fascinating stuff!


Novel studies and how to improve close readings.

A somewhat  whimsical and light bit of chatter about the Oxford comma and whether or not one should use it.  Have a read and come to your own conclusion.

 “Acoustic liberation of books in the public domain.  LibriVox recordings are Public Domain in the USA. If you are not in the USA, please verify the copyright status of these works in your own country before downloading, otherwise you may be violating copyright laws.”


 These are some of the ways iPADS and other tablets are being used across the globe in schools .  It’s relevant as some of our Year 7s arriving in 2015 may well have been using iPADS in primary school and may have lots of Apple  skills that will be slightly different to those required for a Windows based laptop.

One-stop shop for iPAD apps

Apps for students with special needs.

And I’ll leave you on this rainy Tuesday with this simple quote:

Cheers and have a wonderful week,


Marvellous Monday Morsels

Hi all,

This week there is a real mixture of morsels to tempt your time-poor lives.

Need a video to inspire your students as to the importance of education?  Then pick one of these.

Those of you who engage with Bloom’s Taxonomy might enjoy these posters.  You can reimagine your own and display them, or use these ones with appropriate attribution.

Using Essential Questions to engage your students.  This is the nub of it all really – good questions to elicit good thinking and then good responses!

Are we using good pedagogy, or just giving kids a device? One person’s viewpoint.

For those in leadership positions or aspiring to same, this blog post on educational coaching makes for interesting and possibly confronting reading.  I have been in groups in the past where this was done and it is a very worthwhile, if somewhat daunting process.

eSchool News.  This is worthwhile subscribing to as it’s free and you can choose which areas of news and information you want to receive in your inbox.  Based in the US, but has a lot of relevant stuff for us as well.

Great YouTube video about using Evernote effectively. Especially useful for beginners.

gClassfolders helps you organise Google Drive.


Google Docs for iPAD.  How useful is that?  I’m going to get it today.

Top 40 iPAD Apps that you may or may not already know about.

Here is a veritable cornucopia of iPAD apps that should appeal to many.  Mainly reference type apps here.

I’m adding this link as it looks interesting, but I am fully aware that it may not work on our school network.


If you are into Science and History, this site is truly AMAZING!  This link takes you to the introductory page but from there you need to just go exploring.  Intelligent people explaining really complex scientific ideas and concepts very well.

Finally, a Brainy Quote to take you through the rest of the week,



Marvellous Monday Morsels

Hi all,

With the myriad stuff clogging your inboxes, I hope there is something here to pique your interest this week.

iPAD stuff

Styluses for touchscreens.

5 audio apps for the iPAD.

History links:

I’ve sent out the link to Thematic History before but this extra link within is for WW1 Poetry and analysis and may fit it with ANZAC studies or similar.

Hungry History – this gorgeous site links food with it’s history, so it’s a double shot of information and does make you hungry as well.


Succeeding with Science

Special Education:

Innovative iPAD links for students with autism.


This is nifty, but you do need to scroll down for the linked image.  Great ideas for using Google Docs and other great resources.

This is from a TAFE teacher who has a lovely story about creating a classroom  community.

This is a nice way to start your class if it suits you.

The new SMART table.  Maybe this is the way of the future in our classrooms!

These academic search engines may be of use to those of you looking for tricky information when you have exhausted our school databases.

If your students are switching off, switch to storytelling.  It’s true.

Family media agreements!  Something to consider.

Occupy Wall Street.  This could be a great topic to debate amongst senior students.

Sally Sara (ABC Foreign Correspondent) has produced an online project called Mama Asia. It profiles 12 women from  Mongolia to Afghanistan who have overcome immense odds to triumph. Relevance to Education: Asia, women, culture, social change, historical eventRelevance to Pastoral Care: Resilience, individuals affecting change in their own lives and the lives of others.       You Tube promo:

Have a great week and I’ll leave you with this week’s Brainy Quote: