Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks

Hi all,

I trust that assessment time hasn’t exhausted you all too much and that the marking is trouble-free.  Here are some links to give you a break from marking papers, answering phones, helping keep Emmaus beautiful, working in the Tuckshop and the hundred and one other jobs that staff do to make this school wonderful.

Collective Knowledge Construction.  The downloadable pdf from this ideaslab site makes for interesting reading.

8 Excellent timeline creator sites.  SOSE and English teachers might find this useful.

A great article about education in Finland and what really makes their education system different from others.  Worth reading!

Alternatives to book reports which may be more suited to Primary or Learning Support, but may also appeal to our Year 8 and 9 teachers who want to inject something different into their planning.

Those of you who have ESL students may be interested in these iPAD apps.

From the Journal of Online Teaching and Learning comes a great article about Digital Natives 10 years on.  

Fantastic slideshare presenation about 21st Century educators.

Artlovers and Art  teachers  might be interested in this blog entry listing some great iPAD apps for Art.

Anyone who has to give presentations and uses PowerPoint or similar may be interested in this guide.  Quite funny, but makes some good points.

Avoiding plagiarism.   Some of these might be worth sharing with your students.  Remember that we have our own online referencing generator that all students should be using.

Interested in Facebook photo deletions?  

If you like Pinterest and you have an iPAD, then this will interest you.

Some of these short video clips are amazing and may help to reinforce basic English concepts for your students.

You can join knowmia (same as previous link) as a teacher and this page has some fantastic links.

Of course you will all be blogging soon on Emmaus Reads  but if you want to blog further, here are some other places to share your opinions.

And finally another great quote from BrainyQuotes:


Cheers everyone and have a great week,