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Hi all,

I hope your week is going well.

This week celebrates a year of blogging for me.  The blog has had over 1072 visits from 26 July 2012 to 6 August this year so that’s wonderful.  I know that some of the links are then passed on to others and from them to others as well, so it’s a wonderful way to share information.

This week in Science there are Scoops about dolphins recognising a friend’s whistle from 20 years ago which is a follow on from an earlier scoop about them answering to their names; an article on the real benefits of meditation; research that says that having more meaning in your life is healthier for you than just being happy without meaning; and Arctic sea ice loss creates a ripple effect.

This week in Education there are Scoops about Australian School Reforms and deals with the Government. Plus a great story about Comics Education and Multiple Intelligences which is must-read; along with another great story about spotting the blind spots in your classroom.

This week in eLearning there are Scoops about: Is your private information safe on social networks? How Google Apps are Infiltrating Education; Will MOOCs destroy deep thinking? Your Smart TV could be hacked to spy on you!

This week in Libraries there are Scoops about Libraries in Laundromats; and a great Library Impact Study, plus great blogs to follow.

The Brainy Qubarbaragrizzutiharrison126375ote for this week is very colourful.





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