Marvellous Monday Morsels

Hi all,

This week there is a real mixture of morsels to tempt your time-poor lives.

Need a video to inspire your students as to the importance of education?  Then pick one of these.

Those of you who engage with Bloom’s Taxonomy might enjoy these posters.  You can reimagine your own and display them, or use these ones with appropriate attribution.

Using Essential Questions to engage your students.  This is the nub of it all really – good questions to elicit good thinking and then good responses!

Are we using good pedagogy, or just giving kids a device? One person’s viewpoint.

For those in leadership positions or aspiring to same, this blog post on educational coaching makes for interesting and possibly confronting reading.  I have been in groups in the past where this was done and it is a very worthwhile, if somewhat daunting process.

eSchool News.  This is worthwhile subscribing to as it’s free and you can choose which areas of news and information you want to receive in your inbox.  Based in the US, but has a lot of relevant stuff for us as well.

Great YouTube video about using Evernote effectively. Especially useful for beginners.

gClassfolders helps you organise Google Drive.


Google Docs for iPAD.  How useful is that?  I’m going to get it today.

Top 40 iPAD Apps that you may or may not already know about.

Here is a veritable cornucopia of iPAD apps that should appeal to many.  Mainly reference type apps here.

I’m adding this link as it looks interesting, but I am fully aware that it may not work on our school network.


If you are into Science and History, this site is truly AMAZING!  This link takes you to the introductory page but from there you need to just go exploring.  Intelligent people explaining really complex scientific ideas and concepts very well.

Finally, a Brainy Quote to take you through the rest of the week,



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