Tantalising Tuesday Topics

Hi all,

Another week has passed us by.  A question for you to ponder please.  Would you like me to add curriculum links to this blog in the sidebar?  Just leave a comment below this post or email me with comments.

Wonderful, wonderful You tube  clip about Chicago kids and digital media.

Amazing blog.  How to use Google Docs for Research.  I know Daena posted this in an email but I’m just adding it here for quick reference.

This might be a good Android alternative to the Apple IOS compatibility issue in schools???  Unsure of Australian availability.

Those of us who love Evernote will like this updated list of tools to use with it.

Integrating technology into the classroom

This makes for interesting reading as to what teens actually share on social media.

Even digital natives need to learn respect and responsibility.

Great chart explaining the difference between projects and project-based learning.

 An interesting take on being a life-long learner.  How many careers have you or will you have?

And with assessments looming everywhere, I hope you get a laugh from this week’s Brainy Quote.  

Cheers, Linda.


2 thoughts on “Tantalising Tuesday Topics

  1. I think a curriculum specific side bar would be fantastic! Breaking down further into topics would be the duck’s nuts!

  2. That’s what I’m thinking would be good. Might work on that in the upcoming holidays! Thanks for making a comment on the blog.

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