Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks

Hi all,

Well it’s week 8 already and we have all made it thusfar.  Congratulations to one and all.  Only three weeks to go.  There’s a very mixed bag of weblinks for you this week.  I hope there is something to interest everyone.  I am also adding tags to each post now so if you are trying to find something , you can click on the tag link on the left-hand side and it will take you to the post, and then you can find the link you need.  I can’t tag each individual link within the same post.

Do we need to rethink classroom space?

This looks interesting.  How to make something amazing with the web.

Are kids really motivated by technology?

How some students are fighting global hunger in the USA.

Do you call parents about good things?  This may inspire you to do it more often.

If you use gmail and often need to find something obscure, this may be of use.

For anyone interesting in designing online learning, this may be a good starting point.

Great little link for learning more about Google Docs.  Lots of little gems in here.

If you are a Google Chrome User, there are some incredible apps to use.

While you may not want to use this Animoto software with Emmaus students, as it’s more aimed at primary,  it might be handy for a quick holiday video to send home to family next time you are away.  Looks quick, easy and a bit of fun.

If you’ve heard about TED talks, but not known what they were, here’s a list of the most popular to get you started.

ITC now produce a digital version of their popular teacher diaries. 

A look at schoolchildren around the world.  Makes you feel fortunate to be here where class sizes are relatively small.

I’m thinking this Flipboard will be a great app to download for the iPAD. 

A series of 41 photos of animals from around the world to make you laugh and cry.

Interesting blog about getting creativity and innovative thinking happening in your classroom.

Free science websites.

This is a new site with myriad ideas for teaching and learning.

Great for budding digital photographers.

Free maths websites for all.

Evernote users who also like to use a Moleskin notebook may like this cool app.

Interesting blog post about whether or not we are outsourcing our memories.

If you used to play a musical instrument when you were young, but don’t anymore, don’t worry, it still did you some good.  Apparently.

I will leave you with this Brainy Quote which is very appropriate for me, as Emmaus has given me the opportunity to use my skills and that brings me happiness every day.

Cheers and have a wonderful week.


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