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I have to admit to never having attended an Emmaus production before, but since Saturday night, I will never miss another one.  Anyone at all who had anything at all to do with “42nd Street” is to be applauded and congratulated.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the show and were constantly amazed at the breadth of talent across the school in singing, dancing, acting, musical prowess, lighting, sound effects, props, backstage efforts and all the other background stuff that goes into producing something of that calibre.  Bravo Emmaus!

Anyway, enough of my applause,  on with the weblinks for this week:

Let your year 10,11 and 12 students know that entries close Monday 17 September 2012 for the ABC’s Heywire competition.  Find more information and upload stories here.  

Encourage your students to join the MS Readathon from 1-31st August to raise money for this worthy cause.

Very short and concise table about 21st century critical thinking skills.  Good information here.

This is an amazing infographic looking at where we might be in 2040 in terms of the digital age and learning.  You can enlarge and move around the graphic by clicking on it and opening it in another window.

What’s all the fuss about the Higgs-Boson??  Find out more here. An explanation to suit almost everyone.

This looks like a great tool for students to use for digital scrapbooking.

I thought this was interesting regarding classroom management.  The author is an American who has some interesting ideas on how to get and keep students motivated and coming back for more.  Whether you agree with everything he says or not, this article and links to others down the right hand side provide excellent food for thought.

If you watch this short YouTube video by Will Richardson, you will either be annoyed, inspired or in disbelief!

Reading this could save you from academic overload.

Flipped Learning now has its own website.  Interesting way of thinking about learning.

Bloom’s Taxonomy from different perspectives.

A UK site about English.  Has some useful information.

Thinglink is a fantastic site that enables you to value add to any image you upload.

Here’s an article from PC world about getting started with infographics.

More food for thought for administrators.

Some fantastic visual writing prompts.

This might be useful and save some time for our busy History teachers.

How stereotypes drive women out of science jobs is a great read (or you can listen to the podcast).  More good food for thought.

You might want to save this one for exam times and end of year times when you and your students could both do with de-stressing.

Do your students get distracted?  This may be familiar to some of you.

Just Beam It.  This looks nifty for sharing large files quickly.

YouTube has launched a digital citizenship curriculum for teachers.  Some interesting information in this to mull over.

An interesting infographic about what technology young people are really using to engage with their texts/studies at high schools and colleges.


I came across this site about teaching learners with multiple needs and haven’t had an in-depth look but hopefully there may be something useful here.  Much of it will be primary focussed, but even so, there may be some ideas that you could tweak to suit your needs here.

iPAD Ideas

Great iPad apps for presentations.

 iPAD ideas for Senior English

Alternative iPad browsers - one which enables you to play flash videos.  Yayyyyyy!!!

Another useful tool for the iPad  if you do a lot of research.


 Insist on yourself. Never imitate.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cheers and have a great week.  Also feel free to have your say in the comments section below.




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  1. Another great list Linda. The link for history teachers has some fantastic stuff in it about protest movements!!

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