Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks

Hi all and welcome to the chaos, mayhem and delight of “Production Week”.

I have my tickets for Saturday night and am looking forward to seeing 42nd Street.  Thanks to all involved for all your hard work.

This week is a very mixed bag:

A fantastic NASA simulation of a disk galaxy forming.  Just 2.21 minutes but quite beautiful to watch.

Using twitter if you are a teacher.

More twitter tools.  If you don’t use twitter to connect, may I boldly suggest that you do, as it’s  a great networking tool.

This might be cause for a rethink for some of you who don’t blog. 

Nice blog post from a person at the chalkface.  Teaching to learning.

Useful stuff to get students thinking.

Looking for ways to better connect with colleagues?  Look no further.

ABS – Lots of useful data from Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Teachers guide to evaluating websites.

Love this blog comment about how to engage your students to prevent distraction.

A way to view flash videos on your iPad or Apple device.

A great article about a school in the UK that uses iPADs and has evaluated their use.

An excellent article about the need for personalised learning and that we to be effective teachers first and users  of technology second.

And in a similar vein:   Christopher Pyne interviewed on Lateline :  “Focus education reform on teacher quality”

Are you teaching 21st century skills?

Finally something for the android users among us.  Some  great  things  here.

Anyone interested in the ” Bring Your Own Device” movement in some schools may like to read this.

More on Evernote (but written by someone  for whom English is  a second language), so ignore the spelling errors.  Again if you don’t use Evernote, this might convince you of its merits.

This is simply a very useful guide to digital tools to help make our e-lives easier.

Great site about sleep in all age groups, including adults.  With the Tour de France, Tennis just finished and the Olympics coming up, we all need to make sure we get enough sleep for all the reasons stated here.

Various links to plagiarism information.

Learning Centred environments

Collection of links for education.

This may be useful for new teachers or experienced ones looking for new ideas.

More updated iPAD apps.

A high school blogger’s take on homework.  Quite interesting

Very interesting information based on Marzano’s research

I hope you all have a great weekend – remember to rest and be kind to yourselves and others.

My quote for this week is:

 If we do not plant knowledge when young, it will give us no shade when we are old.

Lord Chesterfield



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