Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks

Hi all,

Another busy week for everyone by the look of it.  I hope there is some inspiration here for you.

Caje was complaining that there weren’t many art sites in my weblinks.  I have fixed that this week with three great sites.

Arts Connected.  This is just fantastic for all you art teachers out there.  So much in it.

Your Paintings:  BBC UK has set up this great website to bring paintings into the living rooms of more people.  Wonderful initiative.

Artfinder:  Another great art site.

Succeeding with Science:  Great website with links for all ages to do with science.  There is a really good video in the 16+ area about engineering careers.

Free online graph paper of all different types. 

How one US school managed to hone writing skills in the digital age.

Great article on apps for the iPAD for Literature Circles.  Even though we don’t have lots of students with iPADS, I’m sure some of the ideas  might be able to be used by teachers and adapted for use with laptops .

Middle years music site to help students make up basic string compositions.  Quite a lot of fun.

Sound Bible:  Great site for free sound clips with all sorts of uses in drama and music.

Imagination Soup:  I’ve included this site as it is so gorgeous I had to share.  And I was thinking of all of you who have younger children yourselves and those of you with children and an iPAD. 

This  US site is about empowering students to be responsible digital citizens.

Worldometers:  An interesting and sometimes shocking site which shows live statistics for world population, economics, the environment, and many more. Useful resource for sparking debates.

Great free site for making logos  for promotional items.

Genetics and cells to scale.  This is similar to one I sent last week but this one relates to cells and genetics, so is a bit  more specific. It also has a slide bar underneath, rather than the mouse on the object to zoom.  These are quite fascinating.

Those of you in the lower secondary area may be interested in this  guy’s interactive notebook idea.  Looks great for English.  

There may not be an app for that:  This a blog from a vice-Principal at a US Secondary school about using iPADS in some classes some of the time.  So having a set of say 10-20 available for borrowing from a library for example.  Food for thought for here maybe?

Richard Byrne has some more great ideas for note-taking tools.

Geography/SOSE teachers looking for the best map making sites need look no further  Someone has done it for you.

Link world history to movies via  this guide.  Various ways to search included. 

Professional Reading/Viewing:

Anyone who likes the idea of Visble Thinking needs to visit this website.  Great information and links.

Great podcast from our own ABC about our emotional brains.

Carl Schoonover, a  neuroscientist, gives a fantastic talk (with images) on how to look inside the brain.  Fascinating!

Those of you who teach  dance and drama already know the positive effects of dance and movement, so maybe all you others should read this too.

 Quote for the week:  Unfortunately I don’t know the author.

” If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.  If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  If you don’t step forwards you are always in the same place.”

Cheers and have a great week.


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