Wonderful Wednesday Weblinks

Welcome to another Wednesday of weblinks.  I trust you all had a restful long weekend and are enjoying the short week this week.

Skydrive – The next player in the Cloud computing and storage game:

The case for eBooks over print books and what has to happen. 

This  looks like a great idea for any of you who regularly watch Ted Talks or any YouTube clip and want to value add.  If you follow this link and click on the word lesson underlined in red, you can see what one educator has done.  Quite nifty.

Here is one of the lessons referred to above.  It is great to watch and would be wonderful for our year 8s and even a refresher for our year 9s.  But the add-ons are what make worthwhile..  You can even flip this lesson and make it your own.

And this is the link to tell you how to do the above two things.

Link to some great science video clips.  You can search by subject or grade level.

Sound Cloud:  This looks good for the budding musos in our midst.

I have included this link mainly because I’d love to be able to learn just one language in a few years, let alone four.  May be of use to some of you or your students.

Great online graphing calculator.

Great idea for creating your own playlist of videos, articles or music tracks.  I can see a lot of potential here for teachers and the rest of us.  You can browse other people’s playlists as well for ideas.

Tricks for YouTube from Joyce Valenza - I have posted something similar before but Joyce explains it so much better and value adds as well.

More gmail hints for those who use it currently and everyone else who will be using it next year.

IPAD Stuff:

This is an iPAD app that may help those of you who take home reams of homework, in often scrumpled up form.  Enables you to photograph or video some work and then make annotations.

I’m including these apps for special needs, and although many of them look to be primary focused, there look to be others that may suit some of our students.

Specific Apps for Education – a how to guide.

Student workflow on iPAD.  Maybe more a futures planning tool if there’s ever a 1:1 iPAD program.


This is a gorgeous website for the geographers and maplovers amongst us.  There are heaps of links to beautiful maps here, but you have to look at The Inhabited Word from 1824, if only to look at the key and the words used to describe civilisations.  How far we’ve come!

Another geographer app from National Geographic that may help your students produce maps for assignments.

Another survey maker.  Looks good, but I haven’t had a chance to look too closely yet.

Google SketchUp.  I don’t know if this school uses this program, but it’s fantastic.  If you haven’t used it and you teach anything that requires sketching, watch the YouTube clip on the front page and see what some History students do with the program.  Quite amazing!

Professional Reading:

Short article on questioning and the importance of it.

Just love this simple idea for getting kids to not only write down their thoughts using three words, but also to then discuss them with another and make decisions..

For any of you working with special needs students, this may be of interest.

Online free university courses for anyone interested.  They are all US based, but something might entice you to have a look.

Another perspective on privacy in a digital world.  This guy also has some lovely photos on his site.

Cheers and have a great week,





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